AAY-Audio aStereolizer v1.01     

  AAY-Audio aStereolizer can be used to control stereo width to audio tracks or master channel.
With this plug-in you can generate pseudo stereo from mono audio tracks. AAY-Audio aStereolizer is a highly effective tool that encapsulates the complete range of standard stereo manipulation functions, including phase reversing, channel flipping, balance, pan and width.

System requirements:  Windows XP or any later 32-bit Windows OS; about 1.7Mb of harddisk space; processor 1GHz or higher; RAM minimum 512Mb; audio application supporting VST plug-ins (e.g. Cubase SX, Nuendo, Sonar, WaveLab, SoundForge, Ableton Live, FL Studio etc.) In the case your software does not support VST plug-ins natively you should get a suitable VST adapter program which allows you to load and run VST plug-ins in your audio application.

Demo Limitations: Demo version mutes sound for one second every 20 seconds.

AAY-Audio aStereolizer is a perfect way to make stereo image of your sound!

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